The Day the World Stopped
English · 21. July 2024
July 19, 2024, will be remembered as a day when the digital world came to a grinding halt. A seemingly routine software update from CrowdStrike, a prominent cybersecurity firm, spiraled into a global IT outage that disrupted countless industries and services.
KernGPT in Software Testing
English · 17. January 2024
Operating system kernels are the core of every computer system. They manage the hardware resources and provide the foundation for all other software to run. Bugs in operating system kernels can have serious consequences for security, reliability, and usability.

Automating the Headaches Away: AI For Better Kubernetes Ops
English · 05. August 2023
Are exploding complexity and operational headaches threatening your Kubernetes environment? What if AI could swoop in like a superhero and automate away the pain? This groundbreaking report reveals how AI and machine learning can optimize even the most complex Kubernetes deployments.
Inside Microsoft's AI Supercomputer Powering ChatGPT and Large Language Models
English · 26. July 2023
Training massive artificial intelligence models like ChatGPT requires an immense, specialized infrastructure. At the core are facilities packed with racks upon racks of GPU-powered servers, blinking away as they process astonishing volumes of data. ChatGPT's training involved ingesting billions of webpages, books, and more - a corpus so large it would take a single person millions of years to read through.

Forged Tokens Allow Hackers to Breach Microsoft Accounts
English · 23. July 2023
In an increasingly interconnected digital landscape, cyberattacks from sophisticated state-sponsored groups present a severe threat to organizations worldwide. This reality was recently demonstrated by a significant vulnerability in Microsoft's Azure Active Directory platform that allowed advanced persistent threat (APT) actors to hijack user accounts undetected across numerous high-profile victims.
Guess the Location of Any Street View Image with AI
English · 19. July 2023
Have you heard of GeoGuessr, the popular online game where players guess the location of Google Street View images? Stanford researchers have developed an AI system called PIGEON that surpasses top human players.

AI's Expanding Horizons in Space Exploration
English · 09. July 2023
Researchers employ gene sequencing, infrared spectroscopy, and aerial images to map biosignatures indicating life's presence. Resilient organisms are discovered thriving in salt domes, rocks, and crystals. Machine learning predictions achieve an impressive 87.5% success rate, surpassing random exploration. This study sheds light on life's adaptability and guides future exploration strategies.
Boosting Company Productivity: How Can We Unleash the Power of AI for Enhanced Results?
English · 02. July 2023
AT PRC, we offer comprehensive services to boost productivity. From intelligent automation and data analysis to personalization, collaboration, and predictive maintenance, my expertise empowers organizations to streamline operations, make informed decisions, deliver exceptional experiences, and optimize resource allocation for sustainable growth. Contact us for transformative AI solutions.

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Propel Fusion Energy Advancements
English · 23. June 2023
In this blog, we explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in advancing fusion energy. By leveraging AI-driven simulation techniques, researchers are unlocking new possibilities and accelerating progress in the field of fusion energy. Discover how AI is revolutionizing the way we approach fusion energy, leading us towards a future of clean and abundant energy sources.